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The best hands free for the car

Using the phone behind the wheel is prohibited since a small mistake in driving is equivalent to danger. But there are calls that we cannot stop answering. Therefore, we have selected the best hands-free for your car. For further details, go here: best bluetooth car adapter

Years go by. The dependence on smartphones is accentuated and the technologies that the different products incorporate take advantage of their synergies and come together to make life easier for us .

The cars are not good material too often substitute for its high price. A high number of people spend  hours of their lives in them, whether for travel, leisure or work needs.

During that time you also need to stay connected to the world.  However, the legislation is very restrictive regarding the use of the phone at the wheel . In Spain, the use of headphones is not allowed either. A distraction involving taking your eyes off the road to answer a single call or other notifications can be fatal.


We started the Top Ten of the best car handsfree on the market with one that we love. It is capable of connecting two different mobiles. Thinking of those people who have a personal mobile and another of the company. It will no longer be necessary to leave anyone unattended.


Mpow has manufactured a bluetooth receiver that not only acts as hands-free, but connects us with the 5.0 bluetooth to all the available music from our devices. Computer, tablet and mobile are connected to this device that is plugged into the car by means of a minijack and is played on the car's speakers.

With  the built-in microphone  we can give orders to our voice assistant. However, we see a handicap, and that is that its battery only reaches 8 hours long, which for long trips means staying a little short.


This model is the twin brother of the Aigoss , the first on the list. The AGPTEK is a hands-free phone that features very high sound quality . It can be configured with the voice assistant, both Siri and Google, on any of the two phones that allows pairing. Play music from your mobile devices thanks to its powerful speakers with total clarity. It also has noise cancellation so your calls can be heard perfectly and without the interference caused by driving.


An aesthetically different handsfree , designed for domestic use but also valid for the car. The novelty in this bluetooth receiver is that  the mobile can be connected through the NFC by placing it on the Aukey. Like the other articles in the selection, there is the possibility of pairing two different devices at the same time.

There are users who have connected their old music equipment to this device in order to use it with the Spotif and. Or an amplifier, thus giving a new life to almost obsolete devices. This device has many possibilities , not only as hands-free. It is compatible with Alexa , a very important detail, considering that most users give their car a home use.


We meet the Aigoss brand again . This time with a model designed to attach to the visor of the car and that captures our voice without any difficulty. With the same price as the previous ones, similar features, but different design, it has a function that eliminates echo and background noise.


We are amazed with this hands free. Of small dimensions , that is obvious, but its price is already tiny . For less than five euros you can equip your car with an amazing bluetooth receiver that works through its minijack connection and connects to the car's speakers. Its built-in microphone captures your voice for calls.